"Compelling. Moving. Inspiring. The Outcasts movie is all of these things and more. It is an amazing and beautiful movie about the human condition and spirit …about tragedy …and the triumph of hope …about darkness … and the light that overcomes that darkness in peoples’ lives and our world. Please make a special effort to view this important film …and bring along as many of your friends and family as you can to join you. The video production quality is outstanding. Prepare to have a viewing experience that will surprise, impress and challenge you. Plus, you will very likely have a fire kindled inside your heart and spirit to reach out to serve others in your life as you answer the call of the Gospel in your own way. 



"This was one of the most powerful films I've seen in a long time! The entire viewing experience takes us places we never imagined we'd see. It offers insight into an intimate view of the poor, their struggles and their joys... reflecting their hearts in our own." 



"I saw Outcasts for the first time tonight.  If you have the opportunity to see this movie I encourage you to.  It delves into the social justice service of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal."

"Outcasts makes you step into a part of your own heart that you didn't realize was broken.  It is a key that unlocks the door to the Mystery of Human Suffering and offers Hope for the greatest needs of mankind."