Catholic World report

K.V. Turley

"This is a film that lives on in the consciousness long after’ll have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by this glimpse into a divinely inspired intervention at the fringes of the human experience."


M Becklo

"The new documentary unleashes "an explosive and – in every sense of the word – concrete revolution of tenderness loosed on a hurting world."

The Wanderer Press

R Flores


"Outcasts is probably one of the best definitions of “social justice” I have ever seen, heard, watched, experienced, or was moved by. As someone who has defended the term “social justice” against those who misuse and abuse the term, or those who misunderstand it and condemn it, I am thrilled to have the term so accurately defined by this film."

"I found Outcasts to be an excellent teacher of what it means to be a Servant Leader. Risking all comforts, societal norms, to reach out and be of help and service to our brothers and sisters."

Diocese of Phoenix 

Deacon G. Scott

"Outcasts makes you step into a part of your own heart that you didn't realize was broken.  It is a key that unlocks the door to the Mystery of Human Suffering and offers Hope for the greatest needs of mankind."

High School Catechist

E. S. Nelson, Texas