I. H.

New York

"It's very clear that everyone involved in making the film goes to grueling lengths to accurately depict the lives of people who live in harsh and poverty stricken environments and that's critical. I respect the 'outcasts' for allowing the crew, and thus the audience, to see what they go through. The friars are respectable because they don't pretend to be unafraid, they don't hide their trepidation. they acknowledge it and despite it still move forward with helping other humans. I think confronting your own biases and fear to extend a helping hand is very much needed in the world and it's so much more difficult to do than what a lot of self oriented Christians do, where they pray and attend church, but turn their backs on and judge the very people they are taught to help. They are very much being and not concerned with seeming, and the film perfectly captures that." 

s. h. 

New York

"It was an eye-opening experience and it was revealing to see what else is happening throughout the world." 



"OUTCASTS makes you step into a part of your own heart that you didn't realize was broken.  It is a key that unlocks the door to the Mystery of Human Suffering and offers Hope for the greatest needs of mankind."